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& Recruitment 

Why choose Pepps to recruit an expert profile in IT or digitalization ? 

Consulting :
Placement of a
consultant within your team

Recruitment :
Selection of a candidate integrated into your payroll (based on a selection fee)

As experts in software engineering, we possess both the business and technical knowledge, as well as the best tools (tests, etc.), to select the most suitable profiles for your needs

 Our flexible plans adapt to your team : 

Our expert profiles


Digital Project

The Project Manager takes care of the digital project from A to Z. He/She is the point of contact with the client, manages the execution of the project, its budget, and its schedule.

Full-Stack Developer

Full-Stack Developer

The Full-Stack Developer develops all software executed by a server to process, store any type of data, and interface with specific software services. He/she may also create specific user interfaces.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

The data scientist masters statistical data analysis and machine learning tools to extract diagnostics and insights from large datasets.

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

The software engineer develops specific software by understanding the issues as a whole. He/she resorts to IoT, Digital Twin, Machine Learning technologies if necessary to achieve desired functionalities: predictive maintenance, optimization, ...

UX/UI Designer

UX/UI Designer

The UX/UI designer creates user interface mockups while adhering to the aesthetic and functional requirements of the end user. He/she may also implement these interfaces using web technologies

Business Analyst

Business Analyst

The Business Analyst assists our clients in defining their needs by understanding the specific challenges of the industry, identifying the problems to be solved, and proposing pragmatic solutions. He/she is familiar with and applies Design Thinking methodologies.

Computer hardware service and maintenance concept _ Open-end wrench, a screwdriver, a need

Some of our projects

Modernizing the monitoring software
of a Solar Plant 


#Smart monitoring
#Specialized Recruitment

recrutement Pepps

Recruitment of an expert engineer after needs analysis

logiciel Pepps
Solution centrale solaire Pepps

> Technical analysis of the software and requirements

> Recruitment of an expert engineer in software development and data science

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